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The latest development in filtration technology. 

Powered by OrbsMedia to give you unparalleled water quality and clarity. The latest in filtration technology.

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Peace and Tranquility

The Qube has been carefully designed to run with very low operating noise and significantly less than other types of system. Our customers regularly comment on how quiet it actually is.

The Qube Technology - Elite Water Filtration Systems

Lower Running Costs

The Qube by design is arguably the most eco-friendly and cost efficient system currently available, by offering a highly efficient power source and thereby, significant savings on standard or traditional running costs.

The Qube - Elite Filtrations Systems - Technology Diagram

More Space

The unique technology utilised by the Qube means a reduction in footprint size when compared against other products in processing the equivalent volume of water

The Qube - Elite Filtration Systems
Elite Filtration Systems - The Qube - Orbs

"I would fully recommend the-Qube’s to anyone to save on the most precious commodity God has given us (fresh water) and improve the skin quality and longevity of their living jewels."

Roy Pillay, Qube 800
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The Qube - Elite Filtration

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